Why Do We Not Take Better Care of the Trees?

Trees are among the most ancient forms of life on our planet. Some tree species have been unchanged for millions of years. They contribute to the oxygen that we breathe and foster ecosystems around the world that support billions of animals, including humans. We owe so much to the forests that provided us with food and furniture. And yet we have done poorly by them. Trees suffer more grievous harm from human abuse than any other natural cause. If trees could feel pain as we do I think they would be screaming all around the world.

It Has been a Crazy, Hectic Month

Where has the time gone?  The month is almost over and I still have a million things to do.  So naturally I thought it was time to write a short blog about how little time I have!

I truly feel like a week has been stolen from my life.  I can account for all the days but not for all the things I have not yet done.  How time flies when you lose track of it!

Natural Remedies for Mild and Severe Ailments

Allergy season is upon us and I feel these old bones aching already.  I am not really that old but when my immune system goes on the warpath the inflammation makes me feel so very old.  I don't yet need to treat a respiratory infection but our allergies can quickly pass from mere annoyances into full-blown bronchitis and pneumonia.

I am fortunate to not have food allergies but I have been thinking about changing the way I eat (again) because I am concerned that the regular wheat bread I love may be causing me some problems.  Scientists don't yet have evidence to show that glutens harm people but the question of how glutens affect our digestive system remains unresolved.  I don't pay much attention to the gluten-free community but I do sometimes appreciate a non-wheat bread.

The Amazing Career of Software Engineer Nicholas Bredimus

In the 1980s and 1990s a man named Nicholas Bredimus triggered a major adjustment in hospitality and air travel. He founded a company, Bredimus Systems, that developed a joint reservation system for travel agents, airlines, and hotels to use in assisting customers with bookings.  It is not overstating things to say that Mr. Bredimus changed how the world travels and he did so in a very short time.

With more than 40 years in information technology and architectural design, Nicholas Bredimus' many career highlights include effort-saving software, air safety developments, and even the design of luxury houses. And no matter what his focus turns to, you can be sure he will devote his full passion to it.

When Was the First True Halloween Celebrated?

Nearly every American school child learns that Halloween was developed as a tradition by the Catholic Church and that it replaced a more ancient Celtic tradition.  But the displacement of the older pagan festival required several centuries to occur and the transformation began with the Roman empire, not with the Catholic Church.

Virginia Mescher wrote a fascinating history of Halloween that I found reprinted here.  As it so happens, the Church originally designated its "All Saints" feast day for May 13.  The Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced SOW en) did fall on October 31.  The Romans moved the festival to November 1 in the year 43 and renamed it Feralia.

Three Foods That We Use as Medicines

Have you ever been so ill you did not want to go to the doctor?  Wouldn't it be so nice if you could just turn to your cupboard and take a home remedy for something instead of go wait in the doctor's office for a prescription that must be filled at a busy pharmacy?  I know I feel this way every time I become ill.  Fortunately there truly are a few foods that we can eat which may "keep the doctor away".

While all fruits and vegetables are very good and healthy for you (for many reasons), most of our foods are not really medicinal-quality.  Your doctor may recommend that you eat more legumes or meats to increase your protein or improve an iron deficiency, but these are dietary changes intended to improve your basic nutrition.  Apples won't keep the doctor away when you are truly ill but you can sometimes treat small illnesses and symptoms with food.  Here are a few examples.